Funeral Blankies

“Death leaves a Heartache no one can heal, Love leaves the memories no one can steal!”

Because this is such a difficult time of life, we do offer special consideration to those that have ordered a blankie because of a loss.  Please let us know in the comment section of your order that this is the case and we will make it a priority.   We want to help ease your saddness and the only way to do that is to wrap yourself in the love of the one(s) you miss.

“Love shared is multiplied, Sorrow shared is divided.”

These blankets were created as I watched my sister struggle in the loss of her Grand daughter Chloe,  she not only missed her Grand daughter tremendously but she struggled with how to help her daughter cope with losing a child.  It turned out as such an awesome tribute to the love that they shared that I was compelled to offer them to others that were struggling with loss as well.  A few years have passed since this tragedy and I am amazed at the strength of these women and hope you will be too as you can read about them in the blog.  They are truly champions and survivors!  I took this off my sisters facebook page and it still rings true today.

Tammy Jackson wrote…….
this is the blanket on my lap I am trying not to drop my tears on it!! we miss her sooooooooo and the card read, “With love to Chloe’s Ohma (my sister) may the love u shared light a path through your sorrow……to a place of comfort and peace. In my opinion Chloe was already in the arms of the Angels, when u held her! May her love never be far from your lap”…….I love u Teressa thank u so much!


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