we are Running for a reason…..

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We run for a reason!

Girls on the run……A running program found in schools for young girls…….Let me back up a little……..in 2008 my sister who had discovered running had been training for a half marathon when the death of Chloe (her grand daughter) brought that to a sudden stop, more than a year later it seemed as if her love for running would never return……well me I never could see a reason to run unless you were being chased, decided to give it a try and see what she had loved so much in the beginning……Turns out running is amazing, it is all about your inner self and your winnings and defeats and struggles and strides, unless you are a runner you might not understand, so eventually all the girls in our family were running…..even our 70 year old mama gives you a quick walk for your money, Chloe’s sister decided she was going to do girls on the run at her school and we all decided we would do it with her and we would do it in honor of Chloe. this year 1600 women, girls and supportive dad’s and brothers had signed up….there had to have been close to 4000 people on that field…..we go to the starting line and chills ran down my spine…..women of all ages and walks of life are running with us today! Everyone has a different reason but to be sure everyone HAS a reason….The announcer say ready!…..Set…..Go….And we all take off…it’s a 5K and we have a little over 3 miles to go…..we all start out together and no one wants to let go of the moment, but we must run…..The back of our shirts is a picture of her with a big ole’ grin and they say…..We run in honor of Chloe Nicole Sims 2007-2008…..and we do! In my heart I think to myself that as many people I can get in front of will be that many more people that get to see her smile and know that she brightened our world for a little while…..this keeps me going when my legs are tired….she truly is the wind beneath our wings…..we finish the race…….all a different times but we all have the same smile on our face and tears in our eyes…..We run for a reason! we are 4 generations running in honor of a little girl who brightened our world and to hold each other up in her absence. we have a great grandma….Grandmas…granddaughters…..great granddaughters…..There is power in love and we run for a reason……Love! Here’s looking forward to next year, Lord willing we will be stronger on the inside and the out! Cheers to all you runners out there…..whether you are running a race or running in the Human race it takes courage to keep the smile on your face with the tears in your eyes and you are not alone!

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