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In Memory of Chloe Nicole Sims her mama Crystal

Lil’ Lamm Lappies was created due to a tragedy in our family.  When Chloe Nicole Sims passed away suddenly and senselessly after just celebrating her 1st birthday…..It has been a journey to resume life without her and no one feels it more than her mama, Crystal.  When Crystal came into this world she had my heart in the palm of her hands, I have watched her grow into an amazing young lady and the one thing I really never thought of was that she would teach me things about love and life that I couldn’t know other wise.  She is one of the main people I have in mind when I say this world is full of Triumphant survivors, I asked her if she would think about doing a guest post on here and she sent me some letters that she has written to Chloe, I originally told her that I would edit them and then post them but after seeing them I couldn’t alter them in any way, we are sharing them with you in hopes that you may find hope and blessings in all things and never lose your faith in God.  This is a journey through grief and I am positive that she will share more with us so that others may use her light if theirs is temporarily extinguished.  She is amazing and I cannot tell you how much I admire her, such silent strength and trust in God. She is the rainbow and pot of Gold! I love you Crystal and am thankful you have allowed me to share your journey <3 To our readers…..Please do share with us your thoughts about this story, something about comfort shared helps it to be fully realized in our hearts <3





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memorial gifts

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