Turning Tragedy into Triumph

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This blog is my way of trying to encourage others that may be going through a dark time in life.  You may not consider yourself a survivor or a hero but sometimes this is just the quiet voice at the end of the day that whispers……I’ll try again tomorrow.  I want to tell you a story  about a mom (my mom) who almost lost her son (my brother) to liver disease he was on the donor recipient list for a while.  The reason I am telling her story is because she fought a battle for years to just keep him alive (his story coming soon) and ultimately (3 or 4 years later) at the moment she thought was the end, the phone call came that a liver had been found for him.  This woman is truly a shining light, never did she get up thinking she couldn’t go on, she got up every morning knowing that her goal was to keep her son alive one more day and if she could find some sunshine in the day, well that was just icing on the cake.  Years earlier  we had lost our dad (her husband) to a brain tumor, we made the decision as a family to donate is organs.  I can tell you that reading the letters from the recipients in the following months made our loss seem bearable.  We never dreamed that we would one day be waiting on an organ donation, but when we were we understood the magnitude of the gift.  So many times in life we all travel down roads that we think have no end, if you are traveling down one of those roads, take heart.  God loves you and is waiting to help you.  My brother is now a proud Papa of 2 lil’ Grands who have since come into the world and my mom is a shining light…….but for many more reasons than this.  I might be a lil’ prejudice but I think you would all agree.  Sometimes we have to hold each other up and sometimes that is the SONshine! Cheers my friends!

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